This is what we aim to be the best at

Exploratory testing

Hunting for bugs, designing test strategies, building automation and even producing requirements not only involve, but require Exploration. And effective Exploration requires discipline and skill. We have just that. By applying heuristic test strategy models, session-based workflows, structured creative design, visualization and ultimately asking just the right questions we'll make you wonder how on earth did you manage to do your testing before this.

Quality process & toolbox development

We believe in Structural Quality, an approach where Quality is baked into the product developed from the very start rather than trying to catch it after-the-fact by separate and costly testing and fixing activities. We develop holistic processes tailored for each client to address this ideal. We know our ISO/IEC 9126/14598/25010, ISTQB, TMap, TPI, CMMi/TMMi and whatnot but we also know a whole new world they leave uncovered.

Agile coaching

We provide Agile Coaching for projects seeking the transition to Agile and support teams having already done the switch but struggling in day-to-day practices. We can support Teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners from the sidelines or work directly in the roles as needed.

Agile planning & estimation

We coach Scrum teams and Product Owners to understand and apply Agile planning and estimation practices. We facilitate Backlog Grooming session and work hands-on to help stakeholders craft focused User Stories and tidy Backlogs so that the most important work is discovered, developed and delivered first.

Change leadership

Our approach is a harmonious blend of change in all levels of organisation. We recognize current individual, team and organisation maturity. We help you in setting reasonable goals for improving different areas of interest and building steps towards those goals. We guide the work with the help of established (e.g. Cynefin) and customized maturity models. And we make sure that you're capable of taking the necessary steps towards better tomorrow.

Creativity & innovation lab

We help teams working on new product development, creative media projects and technological innovation projects to embrace Agile and Lean practices without sacrificing creativity. We teach and facilitate workshops, tools and practices in order to push teams and individuals into new directions. We also support organizations in preparing and managing public fund applications.


Whether you want Tools for test management, automation, performance testing, data handling, visualization, etc. we'll find the ones that fit your needs. Selenium is where we beat our competition, but we have also people who master Robot Framework, Jenkins, Jmeter, HP QC/ALM, HP QTP, SQL, Python, Excel, Kanbans, mindmaps, you name it. We are also uniquely adept in helping you to remove unfitting solutions and replacing them with something better.

Vendor management

We have decades of experience from working with different vendors. Chances are that we've even trained them. Our connections in domestic and international peer networks help us know what is the current level of expertise in the market, and who can provide it. Ultimately we can separate those who talk the talk from those who walk the walk. That can be of great use in recruitment, resourcing, contract negotiations, performance evaluations, risk management and of course in testing.