About us

Our story takes form here

A new age demanded a new approach on building quality

All of a sudden world has gotten into the age of commoditised technology and DevOps, but relevant quality practices are still lacking. Conventional means don't keep up with the challenge of rapidly changing world and focus is put on efforts that don't bring added value, cut costs or reduce risks.

We are here to change this.

Happy Monkey was built on a foundation of deep knowledge about context-driven testing and quality practices from Agile, Lean and DevOps contexts. Our people unite astronomical amounts of expertise from a wide variety of IT and business domains, and how to change these environments to meet modern quality challenges. We make it our priority to offer consistent high-quality services and highly customizable service portfolio. As our customer you get exactly what you want and need.

But even though we build quality with deadly precision, we always maintain the premise of fun. We love our work and we want that you do too.