Here's how you can reach us


Our current location is virtual, meaning that we work side-by-side with our customers, within their premises. We operate primarily inside Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland, but customer need has taken us all over Europe and even further. So don't hesitate to test our reach.

We are also quite active in industry communities, which leads us into wide variety of events and adventures. So if you see happy looking chaps wearing monkey shirts roaming about, come and chat with us. :)

Our people

You might find Happy Monkey as a company in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatnot. Here's how to reach its people:

Mika Rantonen

Co-founder & Principal Consultant
+358 40 824 0730

Sami Söderblom

Co-founder & Principal Consultant
+358 50 513 7794

Jari Mitro

Co-founder & Principal Consultant
+358 45 122 1628

Join us

We are constantly looking for good people who want to change the way things are. If you want to join our ranks, form a business partnership or just chat, please contact us. Let's see where the road takes us.