We are a group of people
joined by a belief
that things could be better.

By focusing on high-end quality leadership practices & Agile, Lean and DevOps workflow models
we give companies the upper hand on rapidly changing and ever-demanding market.

Competence growth

Our unique selection of training courses and clinics, customized personal development programs and active coaching make sure that you don't only remain relevant, but grow beyond the demand.

Project key players

Whether you need assets in testing, test/quality management, automation, project management, change management, etc. we've got the goods. We join your ranks and make sure that you have the upper hand over everyday challenges and prevailing risks.

Success stories

We help you to write yours. We take responsibility over your testing and quality operations, and start baking quality into everything you do.

You want more?

Please browse our portfolio or get right into business and contact us.